Sunday, October 2, 2011

Few Rare Videos And a Documentary On The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi (The Father of Our Nation)

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The birth and death anniversaries of Great leaders come ones in a year and on that particular day different celebrations take place in remembrance of such people with much enthusiasm and respect. But unfortunately in most cases that end with that. But here is an exception to this trend"Gandhiji" the Father of Nation is still remembered and his brand has grown stronger and stronger every year and every walk of life even the new generation giving a new vision to it and discovering him and adopting his policies with much enthusiasm. His birthday is also known as International day of non-violence,

Here are some rare videos from the life of Mahatma Gandhi -- The first TV Interview and his speech at different places.

The first ever made TV interview with Mahatma Gandhi by Fox Movietone News.

The interview is done in the year 1931 at his home in Borsad. In this video you can see the US – American journalist speaks to an army personnel and then Gandhiji walking along with his wife Kasturba and other associates and then the interview with Gandhiji

The interviewer's last question and the answer to it is very thought provoking and very intelligent one.
Q. Are you prepared to die in the cause of India’s independence?
MK Gandhi: (after a pause) .... I think it’s a bad question.

              Today’s politicians can take one or two leaves from his life.

                                              The TV interview of Mahatama Gandhi 
                                                                                by Fox Movietone News.

                                               Here is another video to watch:

                                        Yet Another Speech with rare photographs 
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                                                                         A rare footage

An educational documentary biography of Gandhiji.  

Credit: Mathai Vision
5 hours. 10 minutes.  The documentary covers almost all events and principles of Gandhi's life and thought are viewed as integrated parts of his truth-intoxicated life depicting permanent and universal values.

The purpose of the film is to tell the present and the future generations "that such a man as Gandhi in flesh and blood walked upon this earth", to acquaint them with his life and work and to spread his message of peace and universal brotherhood to the war-weary and fear-stricken world. The film brings together a mass of visual record not only of the 78-year life of Gandhi but also of an important period of India's history.

The aim of the film being education and not entertainment, there is no attempt at dramatization of those exciting times. The story is told with an eye to the truthful documentation of the main events within the limits of available documentary visual material...   Read more about the film: visit 

                                                                     Life of Gandhi 1869 - 1948

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